LensBall: Take Incredible Photos with an Innovative Spherical Lens

Ever wonder how you can get those cool looking ‘snow globe’ photos people post on Instagram? Well here’s what they might have used.

It’s called the LensBall. It’s a crystal ball photography accessory that lets you take some shots from a unique angle. Imagine looking into a snow globe of your scenic photo, and that’s the result you’ll get.

The LensBall is perfect for any beginner or professional photographer in your life! The tool helps take your photos to the next level. It’s 100% scratch and bubble free ensuring you won’t get a bad picture.

LensBall 1

Use it in combination with any camera—including your smartphone—to create stunning photography. It’s carved out of real K9 crystal which is the same material used to make other camera lenses. K9 crystal is used for its extremely high light transmittance and light-refracting characteristics which explains for those beautifully bright photos.

LensBall 2

LensBall 3

LensBall is polished, then hardened for a smooth, scratch-free surface. Each ball is put in a beautiful, secure box designed in the Netherlands and also contains a microfibre bag to help clean off any dust or fingerprints.

LensBall 4

Autofocus and other smart camera features work perfectly with the crystal ball, letting you use it anytime and anywhere.

Whether you’re an amateur photographer just starting up, or a professional photographer with a studio, the LensBall can be used by anyone for stunning photos you wouldn’t be able to produce otherwise.

It’s available in two sizes: 60mm and 80mm.

LensBall 5

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Available in 60 mm and 80 mm

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