LID Helmet: Fold Your Helmet Back into Your Bag

Perfect for the cyclist that never knows where to put their helmet, this helmet is foldable.

The LID is a folding helmet for urban riders that adjusts to your head shape and fits into your bag.

Cycling around the busy downtowns might just be the most dangerous place for a cyclist and without proper safety, a ride around the block can be fatal.

The LID offers protection against falls and also reduces the hassle of carrying around a bulky helmet.

The unique helmet design features cascades that allow the helmet to compact into a size and shape that easily slips into any backpack, satchel or tote handbag.

The LID comes in 5 matte-finish colors to chose from and guarantees the helmet fits your style while also providing optimal protection.

For safety without the compromise, try the LID the next time you cruise around the city!

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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LID Helmet
5 Colors Available