Aimee Copeland had a run of bad luck.

Firstly, while trying out a makeshift zip line over a river that she had found with her friends, the line broke. Her luck worsened when, after plummeting toward the water below, she busted up her leg, leaving an unsightly wound. After going to the hospital and having it stapled up, it seemed like all was well.

Unfortunately, a few days later, she complained of serious pains. She returned to the hospital, where doctors informed her that she had contracted a type of flesh-eating bacteria and that five of her organs were failing. To add injury to injury, she would have to have all four limbs amputated.

Aimee Copeland

That was all years ago. Now, Copeland has made a successful recovery and has managed to piece her life back together. During a recent vacation to Puerto Rico, Aimee took a picture – free from judgement, ableism, and prejudices. Her confidence is inspiring.

Aime Copeland

See her amazing story in the video below!