In January of 2012, an Anatolian Shepard named Haatchi had his life forever changed.
Not even 1-year-old Haatchi was deliberately tied to a railway line in North London and hit by a train. His tail was severed and his rear leg extremely injured.
He managed to stagger away and hide for 5 days before getting rescued by the RSPCA.

Unfortunately due to infection, his leg and tail had to be amputated. Despite this traumatic event, Haatchi was open to being adopted into a family where he met his new best friend – an 8-year-old boy named Owen Hawkins.

Posted by Haatchi on Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Owen has Schwarts-Jampel syndrome, a condition which causes his muscles to constantly tense up uncontrollably. Before he met Haatchi, Owen was socially withdrawn and lived his life in fear. But when he met Haatchi, the effect on him immediately started, and the two began to bond and support one another.

Posted by Haatchi on Wednesday, June 19, 2013

This is the cutest story I’ve ever seen! Check out the video of the two below: