Gabi Mann is a normal precocious 8-year-old girl. A little bit clumsy, she has a habit of dropping food outside, particularly when exiting the car. The local crows seized their opportunity. Gabi and her brother, catching on, began to feed the crows out of their leftover school lunches. Lisa, Gabi’s mom, noticed this and decided to make it official. Her and Gabi set up a birdbath in the backyard where they leave water and peanuts for the crows. In return, the crows bring them gifts.

This is Gabi, the crow-whisperer.

The Treasures
These are the treasures and trinkets that her crows have brought to her. Her favourite treasures are a bead that says “best”, and a pearl coloured heart.

The Complete Collection
Lisa keeps the collection organized. Some treasures can’t be handled regularly, as they may be dangerous, for example, the crows gifted Gabi a rusty screw.

The Crows
The crows come and feed, then return later in the day with a prize that they leave on the feeding tray. Their favourite snack is peanuts.