The backyard shed is a feature of many yards across the country, and is either extra storage space, or dad’s personal tool heaven. In this case however, it’s something entirely else that very few would ever expect. These deceptive sheds are actually carefully disguised private movie theaters!

The Torii Cinema Company is capable and willing to build you a personal indoor or outdoor private cinema, and the results are truly stunning and impressive. Just look and see for yourself. For those who have the cash to spare, this is definitely something that should be considered as your next big project around the house! All this theater is missing is a popcorn maker.

It Just Looks Like An Ordinary Shed…

There’s A Bit Of Complicated Ceiling Wiring…

But Look At The Finished Product!


It Comes With Its Own Concession Stand

There’s Space For The Family Collection Of Movies And Games

It Feels Like The Real Deal!