Lopifit: The Ultimate Electric Walking Bicycle

If you need to get more exercise in your day, the Lopifit Walking Bike is perfect for you! It’s designed to let you exercise in a brand-new way.


It’s propelled by a 350W motor and a 48V 20 Ah Lithium-Ion battery, turning your bike into a walking treadmill! On a regular charge, a typical rider will get 30 to 50 miles in—you can get your exercise in while you commute.

It has an electric assist and adjustable multi-speed gears that boost your walking to speeds that are faster than a bike. You can choose the gear speed you want, and you can reach speeds anywhere from three to 20 miles per hour!


With the Lopifit bike, you get low impact, high cardio exercise for a healthier heart. It’s also eco-friendly for the environment and for you—it leaves no carbon footprint, and it eliminates negative impacts on your body from bicycles.


Plus, it’s an economical solution!


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


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Lopifit Walking Bike
Available in four colors