This loving mom’s post on teaching her son to do household chores is an amazing act of parenting.
Nikkole Paulun, a mother from Monroe, Michigan, strongly believes that household work isn’t just for women. This is why she teaches her son from a young age: how to cook and do household chores.
She says, “school didn’t teach us how to cook, do laundry, tie a tie, or pay taxes”
Paulun posts about teaching children these lifelong lessons while they grow up. It all comes down to the parent and proper parenting.

“Remember parents, a man who believes he shouldn’t have to cook or do chores was once a boy who was never taught any better.”

When you check out Paulun’s post below, you’ll respect her for the example she’s putting for other parents out there. Good job Nikkole!




I teach my son to cook & do household chores. Why? Because household work isn't just for women. Because one day he might…

Posted by Nikkole Paulun on Thursday, October 6, 2016