Tomatoes are a plant native to the Americas that can now be found around the world and in a variety of cuisines and recipes. If you’re from Latin America or have roots in the Mediterranean, then you grew up with a tomato-heavy diet. Even today lots of people will grow their own tomatoes in the yard or on the patio.
So if you are absolutely craving fresh tomatoes for all your culinary needs, here is a ludicrously simple way to grow tomato seedlings. It’s a great way to get lots of plants started very quickly, though you will need to repot them as time goes on. Nevertheless, it’s something that can be done quickly and on the cheap and the result is oodles of fresh tomatoes.
First, place the slices of tomatoes in a pot like this:

Then, you’ll want to pack dirt over top of them.

Within 7-10 days of watering the pot once in a while, you’ll have seedlings grow just like these down here:

And that’s it! An endless supply of fresh tomatoes when you need them at home.