Luxe Makeup Brush Cleaner: Wash and Dry Your Brushes Instantly

Do you love makeup but hate cleaning your makeup brushes? The Luxe Makeup Brush Cleaner is perfect for you! It’s designed to thoroughly wash and clean your brushes in just seconds.


It has three levels of agitation for different brush types, and the cleaner’s made from high-quality materials to ensure lasting durability. It’ll save you time and energy, turning brush-cleaning time into fun time!


Simply fill the bowl with warm water and the brush cleaner liquid or baby shampoo of your choice, attach the rubber base to your brush handle, attach it to the brush spinner, dunk it into the liquids, and turn it on!


Lift the brush from the water and keep spinning to dry your brush! To reshape the brush, keep it slightly damp and form it with your fingers. When you’re done, plug the spinner into the base and charge it.


Plus, you can plug the base into a USB adapter to get power!


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


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Luxe Makeup Brush Cleaner