Lyft Driver Refuses to Take Drunk Woman Home for This Powerful Reason, Shares It with Everyone

Tro’juan Henderson is the kind of Lyft driver you’d be lucky to run into. The young man from Dallas, TX recently tweeted an important PSA for everybody about taking an Uber or Lyft while intoxicated.

About a month ago, Henderson received a call to pick up a woman at a local bar where her friends asked him to give the intoxicated woman a ride home. They proceeded to hand him her keys as well as information to her apartment.

Though their intentions were obviously good, Henderson rejected the ride for the safety of himself and the young woman. He insisted that if you were to send a friend home, take the extra mile to ride with them and make sure they’re safe.

Henderson tweeted this video to share his thoughts on safety and how best to avoid sexual assault.

His wise words quickly went viral as people related with his pointed, passionate perspective.

What do you think of Henderson’s words?

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