Magic Tacker: Drive a Pin into Any Wall with Just One Touch

Have trouble hanging up small picture frames?

Want to hang up hooks in hard to reach areas?

Han-A Tools USA has created a Magic Tacker that will solve all your needs!

It’s an innovative way to drive a pin into any wall with just one touch.

Simply load the Magic Tacker with tacks in the bottom compartment, close it up, and it’s ready to be used.

Line up wherever you want the tack and press firmly on the knob and you’ll have a new tack to hang objects from.

A pin can hold up to 13 lbs and can be covered with the Tacker Cap or the Tacker Hook for various uses.

The Tacks can be used on wood, plastic, between tiles and even medium density fiber boards.

Ideal for hanging frames, calendar, clocks, coat hangers and art on the wall, it will be the easiest solution for all your tacking needs.

Each Magic Tacker kit comes with 48 pins, 22 caps, 12 hooks and a case to carry everything in.

Hang up your pictures with ease and get yourself a Magic Tacker!

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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