MagicFly Folding Book Lamp: A Wooden Book That Transforms into a Beautiful Lamp

Perfect as a colorful nightlight, this wooden folding book light will illuminate any room with vibrant colors.

The Magicfly book shaped desk lamp will work automatically when opened and will interchange between 4 colors.

The book is turned on when opened and will stay on until you close it again.

USB rechargeable, this LED desk lamp will not require the use if batteries and can also connect to a computer or the charger.

Made of recyclable wood and cut by laser, it is the perfect present for anyone and best for the home and as office decor.

It can fold back right back on itself which means it can cast a light around 360 degrees making it usable is every scenario.

Compact enough to be taken anywhere, it can be taken on the go without the need of cords.

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MagicFly Wooden Folding Book Lamp
USB Rechargable