Most people get to celebrate Christmas, but for the unfortunate homeless, they are unable to celebrate it. They tend to miss out on loved ones gathering and even the receiving of presents.
When Ernest Freeman, a man from Pittsburgh, learned this through a line in the song “Give Love on Christmas Day” by Johnny Gill, he instantly had different plans for the extra ticket he head to the Steeler’s game on Christmas day.
Freeman decided to invite a ‘man on the street’ to the game with him. He met a man named Ricky or Stretch, as he’s known on the streets, and connected with the homeless man at the game.

After listening to Ricky’s life story, Freeman offered Ricky anything he’d like at the game, which he respectfully declined and didn’t ask for anything.

This act of kindness warms my heart!




"I had an extra ticket for the game on Christmas I was originally going to sell until I listened to "Give Love on…

Posted by Love What Matters on Monday, January 2, 2017