Some people really go the extra mile for their pets. A couple and their pet dog Jack were looking for sleeping solutions since Jack sleeps under anything, but they wanted to give him a safe and comfy den of his own. With a bit of inspiration from Pinterest, Jack’s owner got to work on a dog house right under the stairs.

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#1. This Is Jack
He’s the precious pup that’s getting a new house inside the house.

#2. Cutting The Hole
They cut a hole as large as possible between the two studs and without letting the stringers show.

#3. Discussing The Doggy Door
It’s important to make sure that your pet can fit cofmortably through the door!

#4. Making Measurements
It’s a good idea to use your pet’s mat as a rough guideline, and by putting it inside the dog house it can help them transition to the new space! They also used pine wood for the interior.

#5. Time For The Facade
Keeping with the theme, they used pine for the facade and secured it with glue, nails, and screws.

#6. Placing And Planning The Shingles
They decided to go with wooden shims.

#7. Time For Trim
They went with L-shaped trim since they had an abundance of white trim around the house and wanted to tie it in.

#8. The Finished Product!
Now that’s a fine looking dog house!

#9. Context
The dog house matches their storage closet slash wine cellar.

#10. Welcome To My Crib
A shot of the surprisingly roomy and warm interior. We’re sure Jack loves it!