For any gardener, you come out to your garden hoping you have blooming, beautiful flowers to take pictures of.
In this case, imgur user Maddabber, came out to his garden discovering mysterious eggs in a hollow log. While it may not be a blooming, beautiful scenery at the start, it’s the event that took place afterwards that makes it worthwhile.
After going out to get some work done, the gardener found a clutch of tiny white eggs scattered inside the log.



The whole collection fit in the palm of his hand.


And that’s when something incredible happened. One of the eggs began hatching in his hand!

When he hatched, it was revealed that the eggs were of baby geckos! How cute!


The gardener then returned the little fella back to the log with the other eggs in hopes that they’ll be able to find their other hatchlings.

Now that’s something rare for a gardener to see!

Baby Brown Anole Oops House Gecko [Thanks trishhartmann for ID]