Man Flies Across World in Lion Mask, Surprises Girlfriend in Way She’ll Never Forget

Spending time away from a significant other just might be the hardest thing any couple can endure.

For this young man, he just couldn’t help to wait and decided to score a ticket to America to surprise his girlfriend on her birthday.

After three months of being separated, this world traveler decided it was worth the trip to fly halfway across the world from Zagreb, Croatia to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to give her the most memorable birthday present; himself.

He begins his adventure by first buying his plane ticket, her gift of a new smartphone and is then on his way to fly the 10,000 km between the two.

He then arrives in Jackson Hole where he meets up with friends of his girlfriend who will help him plan out the grand surprise.

Instead of just showing up at the front door he decides to surprise his girlfriend in a rather unusual way.

He dresses up in a custom blue lion’s mask and acts as if he is just a messenger coming to deliver a present.

Little did his girlfriend know, it would be him underneath the costume!

Check out the video to see her reaction to the surprising reveal!


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