Man Hears Chirping Noises Under the Floor, Goes Underneath and Finds Two Furballs

Nothing is creepier than walking around a house and hearing those eerie squeaking noises from underneath the floorboards.

Only for this man, it wasn’t the floorboards that were making the noise, but what lay underneath. The man had just come home with his roommate, pulling into the driveway when he heard what sounded like baby birds chirping.

“With daylight on my side, I was determined to get to the bottom of it. My roommate beat me to the crawl space access and let out a loud ‘Aww!’. She turned her head and said, ‘It’s a kitten!’,” reddit user RedArremerAce told Love Meow.

“I felt guilty, wishing I had tried harder to investigate the night before. I hurried over to the crawl space and had a look inside with my iPhone’s flashlight. There, in the dirt, was a precious little black ball of fluff. Eyes still closed, sniffing the air and crying — quite loudly at this point.”

He got ahold of a flashlight and had given it to his roommate to search the crawl space for the kittens.

“She brought me the little critter and I cradled it in my arms, overwhelmed at how cute it was, wondering what its odds of survival would be, etc. Then we heard more ‘chirps’ coming from the other side of the crawl space.”

The roommate disappeared again to have another look around and emerged with another kitten.

After they made sure there was none left, they brought them into the warm home and gave them food.

“By this point I was searching the web to see how others had handled these situations in the past. I found everything from exhaustive ‘how-to’ guides to forum discussions that led me to believe their mother may be off hunting for food for herself, and that they would have a better chance of survival if we let her handle them on her own,” he told Love Meow.

“We discussed it and decided that if there was a mother she must not have been around for a while considering how hungry and filthy they were.” The man had recently been laid off from work and had a lot of time to care for the newcomers.

“I had recently been laid off from work and had lots of free time on my hands. Those little babies took me from aimless and borderline depressed to busy and fulfilled. Caring for them and watching them grow was and is one of the most satisfying experiences I’ve had in my life.

“Every few hours we were feeding, burping, and cleaning the little babies. They both started to grow bigger and stronger. Their eyes opened and they started to develop some personality.”

“Soon they would no longer go right to sleep after eating anymore. They loved to play, with toys and with each other,” he told Love Meow.

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