Jonathan Daniels and his girlfriend Lindsay are huge country fans. And so it was no surprise that when Lindsay’s 23rd birthday was approaching, Jonathan wanted to surprise her with a pair of tickets to Blake Shelton’s concert in Brooklyn, New York on October 8. Lindsay is a huge Blake Shelton fan.


Jonathan was able to purchase the tickets for Lindsay’s birthday on September 14th, but their hopes to attend the concert were tragically shattered the following day.

Jonathan was riding his motorcycle with his friends when a car abruptly pulled out in front of them. This resulted in him getting involved in an accident and he suffered life threatening injuries with first responders even doubting he would be able to make it through the night.

Well, he did make it through the night. And is still in the process of recovering with his girlfriend by his side. She helps him with everyday tasks such as: eating, showering and walking.

Unfortunately for Jonathan and Lindsay, because of the accident, they were unable to attend Shelton’s concert.

Jonathan writes this letter in hopes that Shelton responds because he really wants to give Lindsay the present she deserves.

Read the hearbreaking letter below:




Dear Blake Shelton,

I know this is a long shot but it's worth a try in my eyes.

A couple of months ago you had a…

Posted by Jonathan Daniels on Monday, November 7, 2016