When Joe Lentini attended a business dinner at the Bobby Flay Steak at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City, he spent a lot more money than he thought he would, and it wasn’t even on the casino!
Lentini and his party of 10 were enjoying the dinner when he and two others of his party, decided to share a bottle of wine. The host of the dinner, who would be paying the bill, gave the privilege to Joe to pick a bottle.

Being a light drinker and drinking only a glass of wine a month, Lentini decided to depend on the waitress’ recommendation on a decent wine bottle. The waitress pointed to a bottle, and without his glasses, Lentini asked her for the price. She responded, “Thirty-seven fifty.”


Like any other regular person would think, a price of $37.50 seemed fair, so the drinkers agreed to the price and the table ordered.

Shocked by the bill shortly after the dinner, the price of the Screaming Eagle Oakville 2011 costed $3750! After heavy negotiating and a sad Lentini, the best offer the restaurant could lower the price to was $2200.

Screaming Eagle

Who do you think is at fault? Lentini’s carelessness or the waitress’ misleadingness?

Either way, the poor guy had to pay a hefty bill for wine that was “only fine”.