Man Posts This Online After an Elderly Man Unexpectedly Passed Him a Note in Restaurant

A man from Rocky Point, North Carolina recently shared his experience at a restaurant on Facebook after receiving an unexpected note from an older gentleman that sat next to him.

Although the old man couldn’t speak to him directly, he sure could grab his attention.

Read what happened at the restaurant in the post below:

Today I went to Lane’s Ferry Grill to eat lunch. Great staff and food. I needed a real bacon cheeseburger. Place was…

Posted by Farris Leonard on Friday, July 28, 2017

It’s important to admire the small things in life, such as these two men who took the time out of their lives to enjoy a conversation with each other through a notebook.

It’s a beautiful experience he shared and it really inspires others to take the time to have a sit-down meal with a loved one.

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