Everybody wants to go home for the holidays. To be able to spend time with your family at least at this time of the year, is one moment you shouldn’t miss.
But sometimes, people run into trouble at the airport. Whether it be missing a flight or a flight being delayed, things can happen.
However, in this one particular case, this man purposely delayed his flight to accompany an autistic man who wasn’t feeling well. This autistic man was coming home to visit his mom for the holidays and collapsed on the floor while waiting for his flight.
The man went out of his way to call the medical team, the autistic man’s mom, and even American Airlines to make sure he would make his flight on time and well. Best of all, American Airlines didn’t charge him a cent for the flight change. They were helpful and understanding towards the man’s intentions.

It’s amazing to hear stories about people helping each other, and it’s even better to hear them during the holiday season.

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"Today I purposely delayed my flight. And will always fly American Airlines from now on. Here is why: while on the phone…

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