“So what happened was I looked out of my window, and one day I noticed a bunch of bees flying around.” When it comes to dealing with bees, so many considerations are important. First, how many is a bunch? Second, how big are they? Third, am I allergic to them? These are all valid and legitimate questions, and are apparently of little concern to our friend in this video who has had his house essentially bee-bombed. Upwards of 200 bees outside his house, and this guy speaks with the calmness of someone just ordering extra cheese with their hamburger at the drive-thru.

What makes this story even greater is when we learn he “looked up on Craigslist” and “called a guy” to come and remove them without killing them, because our home owning friend is cool like that. Stone cold cool. Aside from the iron nerves of our friend here, this video also gives us an interesting insight into just how the process of removing bees is done by professionals, as well as some education about bees and their hives. Whatever you do, don’t try this at home!