A Man Stole This Woman’s Wallet. She Didn’t Get Mad – Instead, She Paid for His Groceries

Having a wallet stolen is, thankfully, a rare occurrence. Knowing who took it is even rarer. Once a wallet is stolen, a lot of effort needs to be put in to minimize the damage. That can be frustrating.

Naturally, the whole experience can be upsetting, even if you figure out what happened to your wallet. Rarely do you have a chance to confront the person who took it, but if you do, how you act in that moment can be character-defining.

Enter Jessica Eaves. She found herself in such a situation. While grocery shopping, she noticed a man who had been following behind her. When she noticed her missing wallet, she had a hunch that that man might be responsible.


Eaves approached the man quietly. She knew she had to make a decision. She could get mad, or she could make some good of a bad situation.

She told the man that she knew he had her wallet and offered him a choice: He could return the wallet and, in return she would pay for his groceries. The other option is that he could keep the wallet and she would call the police.

Grocery Woman

Surprised by this generous gesture, the man immediately chose to return the wallet. He broke down in tears and told Eaves that he didn’t have enough money to buy food for his kids and didn’t know what else to do.

Eaves said later that she was inspired to “turn the other cheek” by the teachings of the bible.

Well done, Jessica! May your generous spirit be paid forward.



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