Imgur user nappyjay’s wife saw this brilliant storage solution on Pinterest. Feeling handy, he said he could build it for her. Though the task was more than he expected, the result is impressive.

via nappyjay

The Inspiration

Cuts Made
He used MDF board that was cut to shape. The rounds were cut to 29″ in order to for the whole unit to fit through a standard doorway.

Mock Up
All the pieces are placed before being glued and nailed together. There is a lazy Susan on the bottom to allow the whole unit to rotate. He also rubbed drywall compound on the edges of the MDF, so that the edges would not show after being painted.

Shop Assistant, Booger The Cat

Testing Primers
In the end, he decided to go with oil based primer, being easier to work with the MDF.

Priming Continues
The unit was sanded, wiped with a tack cloth, primed, sanded again, wiped again, primed again, then fine sanded.

Almost There, Finally Painted
The paint used was Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo, colour “Deep In Thought”. It was painted in sections, them attached using 18g brad nails. The top was then patched in bondo, sanded and painted.


In Use
In the end she loved it! Some pros about working with MDF were that it is easy to cut, paints well, and is inexpensive. The cons however are it’s heavy weight, the dust it makes, and how it dulls your tools.