We all love an escape artist. Whether it’s an elaborate jailbreak, a World War Two run to the border, or even a horse bolting from the stable, who doesn’t identify with someone unfairly detained and keen to get away? Misty Meadow Farms from Midland, Michigan has a routine escape artist of their own they’ve decided to share. See now the exploits of the Friesian Mare Mariska, a.k.a. Houdini.

You can clearly see that she’s getting busy on acquiring an outstanding rep for escape-artist antics. Furthermore, not only is this horse committed to its own life on the run, but it’s also a known enabler. She enjoys going from stable to stable to seek out fellow horse captives to liberate. Were this a horse that could talk (alas, Mr. Ed appeared to corner that market), surely the phrase ‘can’t be tamed’ would be heard from the horse’s lips. So while we wait for the inevitable movie about a talented horse that inspires and reunites a family, watch some solid antics from a rather intelligent horse.