Massive Waves Spotted Hurling Towards Cruise Ship, Passenger’s Footage Has Internet Frightened

When you decide to go on a cruise ship, it’s expected to be a relaxing and fun trip with beautiful views of clear blue waters and sunny skies. But for passengers aboard the Anthem Of The Seas, they experienced the exact opposite of this expectation.

Instead of sunny skies and calm waters, the ship was greeted with a massive storm that included 120 MPH winds and waves which crashed more than 30 feet high.

One of the ship’s passengers, a man who performs music for the guests, managed to record this entire event while he and his buddies watched the waves nervously as they crashed against their window.

“We’re just staying in one place, hoping not to stay alive,” admits one of the men in the video. Then the other turns to the camera and explains why they’re so nervous, “We’re underwater, under the third floor.”

Thankfully, the sturdy construction of the ship was able to withstand the blows. But while the passengers are alarmed by the vessel listing severely, the real danger is the unsturdy furniture and luggage, not the ship going down.

While the waves below surely are rare to see, they’re quite a sight to watch!

Watch the storm challenge this cruise ship for yourself in the video below:


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