Master Lock Security Bar: Keep Your Home Secure at All Times

If you want some extra security in your home, the Master Lock Security Bar is perfect for you! It’s designed to secure your doors both inside and outside your home.


Inside your home, you can use it on hinged or sliding doors to prevent forced entry. It locks your doors in place, keeping them stable and secure if someone tries to break in—you’ll feel completely safe.


The bar can adjust its size to fit your door, and you can remove the top piece to fit inside the sliding door slot. It’s made with 20 gauge steel for ultra durability—it will hold up to virtually any force.


It has a pivoting ball joint that has full contact with the floor, keeping the bar sturdy when attached to the door. The padded foot adds to the security, but it won’t scratch your floors when in use.


If you need more security, you need this bar!


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Master Lock Security Bar