The Matador Mini Pocket Blanket – Keychain Sized Tool That Unfolds to a Full-Sized Blanket

The Matador Mini Pocket Blanket is an ultra compact tool that’s 3x2x1 inch and unfolds to a full-sized 44x28 inch blanket.

The blanket is large enough for 1 person to relax on comfortable or 2 people to sit on side by side.

The blanket has a water repellent backside and puncture resistant fabric to keep you clean and dry on all your adventures. It’s the perfect tool for a traveller.

With an integrated key loop and storage pouch, it’s easy to transport by attaching it to your backpack or keychain.

Available Here.

Watch the demo below:

This full-sized blanket can fit on your keychain!

Posted by GoodGood Gadgets on Thursday, June 8, 2017

Where To Buy

Matador Mini Pocket Blanket
Fits on a keychain
Folds out to a large 44″x28″ blanket


Matador Original Pocket Blanket
Folds out to a large 63″x44″ blanket
Built-in metal ground stakes (rust proof) for exceptional performance in wind, and sand pocket corners to keep blanket secure on beaches