From DCD Vision comes the outstanding story of Oscar the Cat. We jump into this story when it’s already underway, with our new favourite cat Oscar going through the process of surgery to receive what amounts to a foot transplant. Before, he had just one paw. Now, post-surgery, he is very much whole again.
While looking at this objectively, some might feel inclined to say there remains progress to be made.

True, the new feet appear a bit elemental, and it is still perhaps a few steps away from returning to a troubled tabby his natural gait and walking pattern. However, as opposed to showcasing a process and advancement that is ‘not there yet’ this is indeed a clip that brilliantly showcasing how far we’ve come. The chief ethos behind the advent of this transplant technology is that animals who would’ve otherwise been put down prior can still be saved with just a little ingenuity, dedication, and of course love. When viewed in this light, it offers a tremendous avenue of progress and a prospect of hope in the years to come for so many more animals.