Micro Trike: The Easy and Fun Way to Walk with Your Child

Do your kids always get antsy and bored when they walk with you? The Micro Trike is just what you need! It’s designed to let your children ride with you no matter where you are.


Made for kids aged 18 months or older, this trike is foldable and lightweight, letting you take it anywhere you want to go! When you’re not using it, it can fit anywhere from small cars to a shopping cart.


If your kids are too big for napping in strollers but still want a set of wheels as back-up, this is the ideal solution! It has a short turning radius, making it ideal for use in crowded stores, streets, or shopping malls.


It has an adjustable handlebar and footrest, making it adaptable for any child. Plus, the handle gives parents full control over speed and direction!


It’s stable and safe on any smooth, flat surface, giving parents and kids peace of mind!


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Watch the demo down below!


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