Mike Rowe Stuns Audience as He Interrupts Quartet, Then He Joins Them for an Impromptu Performance

The Forefront Quartet began their performance at the Barbershop Harmony Society when suddenly, they and the crowd were in for a little surprise.

In the corner of the stage, Honorary Lifetime Member and hilarious television host Mike Rowe was spotted waltzing closer and closer towards the microphone.

It didn’t seem like a great time to end the song just seconds after it began, but Mike had other ideas.

As he made his way in center stage, the audience were on their toes, what was he up to?

To everyone’s surprise, Mike decided to step in the middle of the quartet and sing along as if he was part of the band!

The audience laughed at first, but a few more seconds in, they recognized that Mike’s talent is no joke. He was all serious when he began singing with the group.

Nobody expected Mike to be able to sing so well to Forefront’s “Sweet and Lovely”. While they were stunned at first, a few lines into his transition, and they were totally in to this impromptu performance.

Watch Mike and Forefront sing in the video below:


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