By its very nature, war and global conflict shall always be controversial, debated and regrettable. Yet, it is undoubted while we can so often see horrible things via war; we can also see the strongest of bonds and the greatest acts of love emerge. This video is a story of the latter.
Lance Corporal Andrew Harmon spent a period of service overseas in Afghanistan with a loving labrador named Rebel. Just like any friends that have spent 7 months working side-by-side, these two are very much peas in a pod upon being reunited. What’s more, given we’re so told Rebel was a dog that ‘can still find bombs, and this and that’, it is undoubted his period of service shall continue at home as it did abroad.

Yet, perhaps the most compelling tale in this story comes not with the time Andrew and Rebel spent overseas; but how they came to be reunited by chance back in the United States, and the shared assistance they offer to each other in dealing with the challenges of coming home after a conflict. For this factor alone, the video is very much a must click.