For all the criticism and cynicism that occasionally abounds concerning beauty pageants and the contestants within them, it’s also clear that most folks just regard it is as a good bit of fun and a nod back to a bygone era. Every now and then however, something comes up in a pageant that showcases not just how different and great they can sometimes be, but also the immense quality and grace of some of the people involved within them.

This is very much the case today. We catch up with Kelley Johnson (aka Miss Colorado) competing in Miss America 2016 as she begins her performance part of the competition. Forgoing the usual song and dance (and we mean it, it’s literally a song and dance routine every other time), Kelley delivers an original monologue about her work as a nurse. It involves her unforgettable and memorable experience with a patient named Joe who suffered from Alzheimer’s, and how he helped her as much as she helped him.