With limited funds and a domestic violence situation, the Brooklin family was forced into a traumatic scenario with no home to go to.
That’s when the mother, Cara Brookins, decided to step up and had an idea to give her and her children, the fresh start they needed.
“We had been just so emotionally kicked down,” said Brookins. She came up with the idea to build their own home. “We could afford all the supplies so we just put it together ourselves.”
With no prior knowledge of building a house from scratch, the Brookins family went to Youtube to search for tutorials on how to construct everything from the foundation of the house to the walls.



And her hard work payed off. They were able to construct a house from scratch and Cara documented her experience in a published book called “Rise: How a house built a family”.


Such an amazing story about how a woman was able to take a traumatic situation and shed some light on it.