Mom Tells Baby Daughter “I Love You”, Baby Repeats It Back to Her in Hilarious Way

It may or may not have been mentioned before that communication is very important in the development of baby brains. It also makes for some very adorable and interesting outcomes. This poor baby is desperately trying to say “I love you.” back to her mom.

Actually, it’s more like she’s trying to sing it, and that’s mom’s fault. She sings “I love you” and her adorable infant daughter is trying her absolute best to copy mom’s talent. While it’s an A for effort, there needs to be more pronunciation. However, the cuteness factor brings the score back up to make this 100% adorable.

Thankfully, mom had the camera rolling for this sweet exchange and will be able to keep it as a memory for the years to come. Watch their adorable “I love you” song to each other in the video below:


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