Mom Has Been Getting the Same Beehive Hairdo for 37 Years, Oprah Steps Up to Fix It

Joan Ivirne had so many pins holding up her beehive of a hairdo that she cancelled a trip just to avoid going through security and setting off the metal detectors!

When Christine and Cindy Irvine reached out to Oprah to get their mom on the show for a make over, it was an instant yes after she saw what they were dealing with. For 37 years, their mother would get up every Wednesday at 5 AM to begin the process of doing her hair. With a tool box seemingly bigger than a contractor’s, the tools required for the process seem almost endless! Including a brush, four different kinds of rollers (about a dozen of each type) and enough hairpins to, as she said, to raise the suspicion of airport security.

The next step was to sit down at her own industrial hair dryer (yes the one you haven’t seen since the early 2000s), and enjoy the heat on her head for 45 minutes to an hour. Once that was done, the teasing, brushing, etc. began and the final touch was the 12 pins that would tie this queen’s crown to her head for the next week!

After hearing their mother say she felt like she’s 50 even though she’s 63, the sisters took it upon themselves to make sure she looked how she felt! After Oprah’s team had a go at her, the entire audience was floored and amazed by how much younger she looked.

Before the big reveal, we’ll do like Oprah’s stylist and warn you guys of 1 thing: she doesn’t look like their mom anymore but more like a third sister!


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