In Resistencia, a city in the northeast of Argentina, Analia Boutett went into labour after only 6 months of gestation. Her baby was delivered prematurely, weighing only 800g, and pronounced stillborn. The baby was then sent to the morgue where the body was refrigerated for more than ten hours. In a truly miraculous twist of fate, the little baby girl was found to still be alive. When her parents, Boutett and her husband Fabian Veron, visited the morgue to say one last goodbye, they decided they wanted to see the body. They pried open the coffin and heard a muffled cry. The baby was rushed to neonatal care and remains in stable condition. The family has decided to name her “Luz Milagros” the Spanish words for light and miracles. After her harrowing start to life, this baby has a bright future ahead of her.

via CNN