Mom Stuck Outside While House on Fire, Baby Upstairs but Dog Tries to Keep Her Alive

Back in August 2016, Erika Poremski was stepping out to her car while her 8-month old daughter and 2-year old dog were sleeping upstairs. Without any warnings, the home was instantly gushing with flames as the mother was heading back to the house, leaving her stranded outside as the fire started to take over the house.

After multiple attempts from herself and neighbors to get in the house by breaking down doors and windows, nobody could make it through the relentless and increasingly hot flames. They needed to wait for firefighters to show up to have a chance to get to the crying child and dog. When they arrived they quickly made their way through the home to hopefully save the trapped duo.

via WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore

When they made it back out of the house with Vivianna, Erika’s daughter, they had to set her down and begin resuscitating her as she had taken in too much smoke and heat from the flames. The bitter-sweet news that followed was heart wrenching for the mother to hear.

via WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore

Polo, the dog, was found on top of Vivianna covering her with his body so that “this way nothing got to her, she only had burns on one side cause of it. And he stayed with her the whole time in the bedroom and wouldn’t even come downstairs to get out the door.” The child, now covered in burn scars on 19% of her body, managed to stay alive all because of the bravery of one kind-hearted dog. Polo will live on her protector and watch on as she now has the chance to keep on going with her life.


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