Lakesha Robinson, a mother, began having suspicions about her 15-year-old son, Chris Salters, based on the way he’s been acting and felt like he was hiding something.
One day, she noticed he was playing on a cell phone she didn’t purchase for him. Immediately wondering where it came from, Salters told her that it was given to him by a friend. But Lakesha didn’t buy that story.
She began investigating her son’s room and found other items that didn’t belong to him. It wasn’t until she found a receipt from McDonald’s that made her pull the decision to call the police.

Lakesha was able to find the original owner of the phone who told her, his truck had been broken into the previous night and his cell phone and credit cards got stolen. The credit cards were used in purchases from McDonald’s and Walmart.

It was hard for a mother to turn in her own son, but in her mind, it was the best course of action hoping that he’ll be able to change his ways while he’s still in his teen years.