It’s without a doubt, the stereotype with the mean stepmoms, are there for a reason. Many stepmoms find it frustrating to have to take care of another woman’s child and as a result, refuse to take care of them.
But, this was a different case.
Audrey Nicole is a loving mom of a young daughter. When her daughter isn’t spending time with her, she’s spending time with her father and his new girlfriend. Despite knowing that another woman is taking care of her daughter, Nicole appreciates her kind and caring actions towards her daughter and is grateful for the way she is treated.

She strongly believes that there should be more love and less hate, because at the end of the day, her daughter gets 2 moms instead of 1, and it makes her happy.

Read the touching note Nicole sent to her ex’s new girlfriend below:




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"This is my daughters fathers girlfriend. The sweetest thing ever! I'm super thankful for her because when she visits…

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