Shoppers in Anchorage, AK, were treated to quite the unusual event in the Lowe’s parking lot when a moose was spotted, collapsed on the ground.
Katherine Warren said she alerted security of Lowe’s when she spotted it with her family. The Lowe’s staff responded immediately and created a safe fence around the moose with traffic cones. Shortly afterwards, everyone realized what was going on. The moose was in labor!
The families going through the Lowe’s parking lot accommodated for the moose by making a detour to get to their cars. Some stood by to watch the amazing event, being cautious to give her the proper privacy she needs.

“Seeing the way she’s been acting — not so much angry, but you can tell she’s just kind of like a little scared and timid and doesn’t know what to think of everything, because everybody has been showing up around the area,” she said, explaining the protective barrier. “It is exciting, it’s a new life, you know, so it’s very exciting, but at the other end, she needs her privacy.”

The mother and newborn eventually wandered off through the parking lot, stopping every now and then to rest.

This is an event, shoppers will surely never forget!