MUIN DL-B Refrigerator Door Lock: Protect Your Food from Wandering Hands

Are you worried about the wrong hands getting into your food? The MUIN DL-B Refrigerator Door Lock is perfect for you! It’s designed to easily secure your fridge from other people.


It’s made of heavy-duty metal parts, ensuring it’ll hold up to extreme force. Afraid of your kids getting into the fridge when you aren’t looking? This lock has you covered. Don’t want your husband eating the last piece of cake? He won’t get in!


Set-up is easy: find a clean, flat surface on your fridge, use a pencil to trace around the plate, remove the backing from the plates, let the plates cure for 24 hours, and attach the cable—that’s all you have to do!


You don’t need any tools or drills to install—it just attaches to your fridge with adhesives! You can use it for refrigerators, freezers, printer trays, paper trays, file drawers, health care security, or cabinets.


This lock is a great addition to any fridge!


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Watch the demo down below!


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MUIN DL-B Refrigerator Door Lock