MumOpto Smart Door Stop: Protect Your Kids from Doorways

Do your kids always get their fingers stuck between the doors in your home? The MumOpto Smart Door Stop is perfect for you! It’s designed to protect your doors from little fingers in a sleek and functional design.


A child’s little fingers can easily get caught between the lock space or hinge space in the doorway. When you open the door, the smart door stop will slip into the gap. Because there’s a wider gap, small hands will not get trapped!


If you want to close the door completely, pull the door stop once on the hinge side—that’s it! Your door will close, and the door stop will be outside the door gap. It prevents lock and hinge-side injuries, and you only need install the system once.


It comes with adhesive strips that won’t damage your walls during installation or use—perfect for people who are renting their home! You only need one person for installation, and it stays out of reach of children.


If your kids always get their fingers stuck, you need this doorway system in your life!


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Watch the demo down below!


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MumOpto Smart Door Stop