More often than not, being out in public and seeing a street performer is almost a guarantee that you’re going to hear some music worth recording and sharing on the internet later. Now, if it’s a ‘bad’ performer (like some dude with a 3 stringed guitar belting out some forgettable 90’s pop tune) you might be just a tad amused and keep on walking. But if the performer is actually good, it can change your entire day and mood for the better.

Now what if we told you that while you were watching one performer, they were also playing alongside other performers from around the world? What starts off being a beautiful performance of the very classic and sweet song ‘Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay’ in Santa Monica, is soon joined by singers and musicians from New Orleans, to New York, to Brazil, to Japan, to Italy, and Cuba. Done on behalf of the Playing For Change movement, it’s an excellent performance that will hopefully brighten up your day.