MYCANOE: Origami Folding Canoe for Easy Transport and Storage

When you go camping one of the best things to do is go canoeing. But let’s be honest, they’re expensive, heavy and a pain to transport. If you rent one, you’re not getting a good deal.

Meet MyCanoe, a full-sized 14 ft folding canoe. It’s a lightweight origami canoe that transforms in just 10 minutes. It seats two and fits into a normal sized car when folded. The MyCanoe also comes with extra flotation devices on the sides. It only takes five minute to fold it back up and it weighs a comfortable 50 lbs.

Canoe 1

Canoe 2

The MYCANOE has two seats perfect for sharing your experience with friends and family. The two seats are adjustable in terms of location. There are 8 locations where you can place the seats for you to comfortably sit in the canoe.

Canoe 3

Canoe 4

When folded, the canoe fits in a case measuring 37″ x 8″ x 25″ in size, fitting in most small sedans. This makes it an optimal size for easy transporting to and from the water.

Canoe 5

Each canoe is made with marine-rated structures and materials including a double-layer marine-grade custom manufactured polypropylene hull. Add-ons can be included with the MYCANOE including a rowing kit for rowers and a stabilizer kit for rougher waters and conditions.

Canoe 6

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