NadiaLabs Turbo Toilet Stool: The Perfect Stool to Help with Your Stools

If you have a hard time with your bowel movements, the NadiaLabs Turbo Toilet Stool is perfect for you! It’s designed to put your body in the ideal position for your colon health.


It props your body up for better elimination—this position is even doctor recommended! The ramp design gives you the same benefits as traditional flat stools but with much less effort, making elimination easier.


The ramp design is also easy to adjust—simply move your feet up and down for a better fit! The elegant design is one-size-fits-all, and it stores perfectly under the toilet bowl without standing out too much.


It’s made from durable plastic that will last you for years, and it’s easy to clean if it gets dirty! Humans are designed to squat when they eliminate waste, and this stool lets you do that in a modern way.


The best part? There’s a massager for your feet on the stool!


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NadiaLabs Turbo Toilet Stool


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