Native Americans Begin Dancing At Powwow, Then Marine Unexpectedly Joins Their Routine

Native Americans are a core and important part of America. So for a cultural event like the Iowa Tribe Powwow in Oklahoma, it’s important for audience members to be respectful.

But, at this particular Powwow, the audience members got a shock from U.S Marine, Trey Kent, when he decided to participate in the sacred war dance!

Alongside the leader of the dance, who’s also dressed in a beautifully ornate headdress, Kent stomps and spins perfectly on beat.

What most people don’t recognize, is that Native Americans have long been important in the United States Armed Forces. Men and women just like this Native Marine have made their presence known and our citizens should be proud and grateful.

Watch this usually strict and firm Marine let loose for a bit to show his inner Native spirit in the video below:


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