Navy Is Confused When They Notice Something Large, Then Realize It’s a Struggling Elephant

Usually, life at sea is the same thing every day. The same water sights, sounds and path. But, every now and then, something out-of-the-ordinary could occur.

The Sri Lanka naval team was taken by surprise during a routine patrol of the sea, when they spotted a large object bobbing around in the water.

Ten miles off the coast in cold, deep waters – the crew spotted a struggling and tired elephant paddling to keep itself afloat. They believe that the elephant was trying to cross a lagoon when it unexpectedly got carried out to sea.

While elephants are known to be good swimmers with their long, snorkel-like trunks, it’s clear to see this lone elephant was out in the water for a while and was getting exhausted.

Additional rescue teams were immediately dispatched to the site to help the naval team rescue this elephant. Everyone quickly got on work, not worrying about jumping into the cold waters themselves to help out the jumbo elephant.

Watch their rescue mission in the video below:


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