Neater Scooper: The Cleaner Way to Maintain Your Litter Box

Do you hate touching your cat’s poop? The Neater Scooper is perfect for you! It’s designed to easily clean out your cat’s litter box without any mess.


The scoop is engineered to easily shake off the excess litter, then tilt it upright to send the poop into the bagged container. When the container’s full, simply tie up the bag and throw it out—no touching poop!


The trap door will automatically open and close when you deposit poop, ensuring you never have to smell it. Plus, it doesn’t spill out any litter—this keeps your home clean and litter free, saving you time.


The refill bags will dispense like tissues—in just seconds, you can refill your container with a fresh, clean bag. It’s a litter scoop and waste system combined into one compact solution–taking care of your cat has never been this easy!


Clean up after your cat quickly and easily!


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Watch the demo down below!


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